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Afam Elue - Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become such a big part of the world and it has made many things possible. People are able to use cloud computing to accomplish more than they could otherwise. There are actually several different types of cloud computing, too. Take a look at the different types of cloud computing by reading the information below. 

Private Cloud Computing

Private cloud computing is operated by a single organization and it has dedicated resources. Sometimes it is managed by a third party and, other times, it’s managed by an internal department. If a company wants to manage its own cloud, then it’ll be necessary to have a data resources and management department. Those who go the third-party route will be able to have the cloud-hosted off-site and will have different degrees of control depending on certain parameters that have been set. 

The private cloud option is very popular and controlling a private cloud internally will give a company the most control possible. Not all companies have the right resources to manage an internal cloud system, though. There are various options to consider, but most businesses wind up preferring the private cloud that is managed by a third party. It’s easier to implement and is far less costly overall. 

Public Cloud Computing

Public cloud computing is also popular and this involves putting your data on a public cloud. The public cloud in question will be storing a lot of people’s data. These are the most common types of clouds that are in use and many businesses find this to be the easiest solution to their problems. Clouds like this will utilize infrastructure from third-party companies and businesses will be given necessary software to ensure that they have access. 

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid cloud computing is something that sort of blends the private cloud with the public cloud. They offer businesses similar control when compared to private cloud computing options. However, they also have the same cost and convenience of the public cloud options. Companies are able to move data between private and public clouds and can be seen as a good choice for those who want the best of both worlds.