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Afam Elue Rapid Application Development

Applications and software have become so important in the modern era. Companies use these apps to communicate with customers or clients and they provide people with an overall improved customer service experience. One big problem for the professionals that develop these apps is that the traditional waterfall approach of sticking to a planned schedule doesn’t work when companies want iterations of the app. This forces people to start over from scratch time and time again. 

The solution to this is to adopt a method that is known as rapid application development (RAD). RAD is a great way to approach application development because it focuses on prototype releases and various iterations. It winds up being able to meet the needs of modern companies much better than the traditional waterfalls approach. Keep reading to learn a bit more about the basics of RAD. 

Defining Project Requirements and Building Prototypes

Defining the project requirements is the first basic step that companies will take with RAD. This will involve setting goals and expectations as well as giving a budget for the project. The development team should be able to give an estimate for when a prototype of the app will become available. After this information has become available, things can be sent to management for approval. 

Prototype development involves developers working closely with their clients. They will ask for opinions and try to improve on prototype builds until everything has been completed. Getting things perfect might take time, but each iteration will be better than the last. 

Getting Feedback and Testing

Getting feedback is another important part of the RAD process. The developers can gather feedback from users by having them participate in beta tests of the applications. This will allow the developers to make necessary changes so that the app can be perfected. Testing things out to ensure that everything is working great is also necessary before finishing things up completely. 

This RAD method of app development is going to help companies to get things done right. App developers will have the flexibility to change things to meet company needs and feedback can be easily implemented into the final product. You should think about adopting this RAD method if you know that app development is a big part of your business model. It’s much more adaptable and this makes it more sensible for most businesses.